Lightly: How to Live a Simple, Serene, and Stress-free Life Hardcover


Do you ever feel like life is weighing you down? Like the stuff in your home, the to-dos in your schedule, the worries in your heart are too much? Make "lightly" your mantra, one lovely little word to live by, and transform your life.

There's no shortage of decluttering books on the market, but 
Lightly is different. It goes beyond decluttering - far beyond - to uplift your thoughts, your actions, every moment and aspect of your life. Learn how to lighten:

  • Your Stuff: create a serene space with your favorite things
  • Your Step: consume less and live in harmony with the earth
  • Your Stress: be less busy and breeze through your days
  • Your Spirit: clear emotional baggage from your mind and heart
Lightly is like a recipe book for minimalism, designed so you can dip into it anytime for advice and inspiration. Whether you want to clear out a closet, free up some time, or get rid of a nagging guilt, you can turn to the relevant page for the help you need. Hand-drawn quotes and illustrations make for a beautiful book to keep by your sofa or bedside.

What's more, 
Lightly is a complete philosophy of life. When you're tempted by an impulse purchase, trying to resist a chocolate donut, or struggling to say no to another obligation, all you have to remember is one word - "lightly" - to boost your resolve and make beautiful choices. It doesn't get any easier than that.

With this book, Francine Jay makes minimalism more doable and delightful than ever. In just minutes a day you can cast off the weight, and glide through life more lightly and gracefully.