The title says it all!  If you have a sweet tooth, this one is for you!  
Sugarfina is restocked online and in-store with new luxury candies.
Here at JM we love our sweets and love how each box is special in its own way.  Each of the candies are made all over the world with the best ingredients just for you. This is a perfect gift to add to anyone's gift when you need something extra to gift in the bag or just because they love candy. 
Scroll to read more about what my favorite candies are!
Sugar Lips
If you haven't had the Sugar Lips yet.. you are missing out.
These sweet and sour gummy lips will make you pucker up.
These are my absolute favorite candy from Sugarfina.  
The best part is that there is three delicious natural flavors of
strawberry, cherry, and watermelon in the candy cube.
 These go fast, so check them out online ASAP! 
Rainbow 3 Piece Bento Box
Check out this Rainbow Box!!!
This piece is incredible and perfect gift for someone or even a gift for you.
This box features all kinds of sweets! When you open up this sweet box, you'll find three treats inside. Inside are Rainbow Bears, Sour Rainbows and Baby Butterflies (all of them are so tasty)!
This is the perfect gift to brighten someone's day.
There's 100% chance of rainbows and smiles when you receive this box. There's no doubt that someone would love Sugarfina as a gift!
Be sure to checkout what's available online and in stores.
Every once in awhile we have Sample Saturday's and features the best of the best of Sugarfina for you to try.
We hope you love this brand as much as we do! 
Megan Cifone