5 Reasons Why Supporting Local Brick and Mortar Businesses is Good for Everyone

With the advent of online shopping and a seemingly infinite number of businesses to choose from, it's easy for consumers to buy just about everything without leaving their homes – including food. And while this has undoubtedly saved people time and money, it has also had a significant negative impact on small businesses.

As you're out and about this fall shopping for the holidays, there's one thing to keep in mind that might not come naturally; supporting local brick and mortar businesses is more than just responsible consumerism - it's good for everyone. Don't believe us? Here are five reasons why.

  1. You'll get better customer service

One of the biggest complaints against online shopping is the lack of personal contact, which also means no one to handle returns or answer questions. Even if you're buying from a local company's website, you are still never going to have that same level of accountability as when you're dealing with a shop directly.

The more money a business makes, the more workers they are able to hire. The more employees a business has, the better customer service they can provide. Additionally, when you buy from brick and mortar stores your dollars are going directly to the owner of the company instead of being distributed among shareholders all across the country.

  1. It creates more jobs

The same principle applies to hiring - if you shop online, you might get your product sooner, but chances are it was made on the other side of the world. At least with a local business, there's some kind of investment in your community that will result in more people employed locally.

 It supports the local economy

By shopping at a locally owned store you are doing more than just helping out your neighbors - you are giving back to the local community because the owner will likely use that money to contribute to other businesses in town, or donate it to their favorite charity. The more people shop at locally-owned stores, the more money makes its way back into the community.

  1. You increase your own value

Yes, we all like the idea of getting the best deal possible, but if you care about local economies and want to make sure they thrive, remember that spending money at a local business is an investment in them as much as it is for yourself. If everyone shopped online, how would those communities survive?

  1. You can get to know the people behind the business

At the end of the day, what really matters is that you have a positive experience with whomever you choose to do business with. Even better if they're local and able to answer any questions you might have in person!

The bottom line is this - when you support local brick and mortar businesses, everyone wins. You get a better quality product or service from people who care about your community, the business gets the support it needs to keep operating, and the world stays connected through friendship rather than shipping windows.

Whether you're shopping for a holiday gift, decorating your home, or just looking to treat yourself, try going exclusively local this year and keep in mind that supporting American businesses is something we can all get behind!


Heather M.


Jane Pushkar