White and Faded: Restoring Beauty in Your Home and Life


The only thing more beautiful than home transformation is personal transformation. Bring new life into your home and your soul through the gorgeous photography, inspiring story, and creative design ideas from Janet Parrella-Van Den Berg, founder of popular UK brand White & Faded. Journey through these hope-filled pages, and discover the hidden beauty in your own home and life.

In White & Faded, Janet Parrella-Van Den Berg takes you on a stunning photographic tour through her restored English homes as she invites you into her personal journey of restoring her own sense of value and purpose—and reveals how you can do the same.

So what is White & Faded? As Janet explains, she loves white things as a culmination of all colors and a representation of new mercies. And she loves faded things, such as cast-aside furniture, as a reminder that even what is painful or imperfect can be repurposed to reveal hidden beauty. Janet gives insights into both the literal and metaphorical aspects of white and faded as she draws on her decades of experience to offer:

  • Full-color photography of restored English country homes, including a 1767 Georgian rectory in Kent and a home originally built in 1500
  • Practical restoration tips—from large-scale homes to smaller antiques
  • Fresh decorative ideas you can adapt to your own style, home, and season of life
  • Fun inspiration—from antique to modern—ideal for fans of HGTV and Magnolia Network
  • Inspiration to incorporate a touch of seasonal charm throughout the year
  • How to make white work with kids and pets
  • Janet's own remarkable story of trauma, love, and rediscovered identity


How will you create a place in your life where you feel loved, find healing, and discover new treasures? Sometimes seeing the past through new eyes gives hope for the future—and looking ahead can be a beautiful way to come home.