Adore: A Simple Practice for Experiencing God in the Middle Minutes of Your Day


A simple, soul-nourishing practice for engaging with God in the middle minutes of your day.

None of us signed up for a conventional experience with the unconventional God, yet too often the spiritual life can become routine, or dare we say it, even boring.

For anyone who longs to experience God in the thick of life's demands, Sara Hagerty's Adore gives us all permission to admit "I barely know You, God." This honest admission is the first step closer to this familiar stranger. You’ll learn the simple practice of adoration—of starting where you are, and letting the grit of your day greet the beauty of God's presence.

Adoration is for the off moments and middle minutes. It's there for you when you feel rushed 7:37 a.m. It's there when you feel over-crowded by your kids or coworkers at 12:17 p.m. It's there when you feel stuck and frustrated at 5:53 p.m. Adoration is the place where we put how we feel in front of God's Word, and watch what happens to our insides. It's what you were made for.

Join Sara in this soul-stirring journey through thirty attributes of God that will help you hone the habit of adoration and see God with fresh eyes. Experience a new way of engaging with God in your everyday. Adore will show you how.

"The nearness and tenderness of God will be so real to you as you read this book. Sara builds words in such a way it feels like God is so near as you read them." –Jennie Allen, author and founder of IF:Gathering