365 Days of Faith



Faith is actively choosing to believe in something or someone. Living by faith is not circumstantial, and it is not produced by accident. In a world where people live their own truths, it can be hard to discern what living out your faith in God really looks like. Although some may tolerate your faith, many believe there is not one right way, but no one can argue with your personal experience of knowing Christ and having a certain peace that comes from believing the promise of your future with him.

This daily devotional encourages you to build your faith through pondering inspiring messages, reading God’s Word, and spending time in his presence. As you do, you will notice other virtues being added to your faith. With belief comes goodness, knowledge, and self-control, and that produces the kind of fruit that is a testimony of your faith in Christ. When you suffer hardship, you know where to turn. Jesus’ faithfulness is a cornerstone for your own faith. You can trust him because he has proven himself trustworthy, and faith that withstands the fire of adversity brings blessings beyond all imagining.

Be filled with hope, courage, and confidence as you step out in faith each day.