If you haven't been to Johnathan Michael's in a while, then you haven't seen our new construction. During the month of November 2019,  part of our store got a make over. This makeover was just what we needed and more. Now at JM we have our very own little Sweet Shop. 

Christoper Galiyas made a huge part in this. For us he took JM to another level. He brought his talent and made something so special for us. Chris is a Pittsburgh based artist, muralist, painter, illustrator, designer, school teacher, and children's author. He is crazy talented and it shows through his work. He brought the design off our bags to life. Pictured below is pictures of our JM bags and what he has done for us. 

Chris blew us away when we got to see the finished look. He truly is an artist and we are so excited to be doing even more with him this year. Stay tuned to see what else he brings to the store with all his great talents. Here was the finishing look!

So you are probably wondering what exactly is at this Sweet Shop. We currently have all sorts of chocolates and baked goods. We are currently working with some new vendors and getting the best chocolates out there. We are really excited about it and excited to be getting in some different assortments of sweets as well. You guys asked so we wanted to bring it for you all. 

Our baked goods are from The Cookie Table, aka Patty Olave. Patty's baked goods are different every week. She is always surprising us with her talents and making the best baked goods for this shop.

We also decided to do a huge expansion of Katie Loxton within our Sweet Shop. We now have an endless amount of bracelets, pouches, and other fun accessories. Katie Loxton is the perfect gift for anyone, with all their cute messages on each piece. Did you know we even sell Katie Loxton online? Be sure to check out the variety of what we have online but also to check what we have in stores for all our locals. 

Anyone that loves some sweets and treats will die over this. Be sure to get to the store asap to check out all the newness.  We hope you love it as much as we do! 




Megan Cifone