Hey everyone, I'm back and excited to talk to you about something special.  As much I love sharing about all the new products we are getting in recently, I want to share how important it is to me about supporting local businesses.  
Here are JM we are so lucky to be apart such an amazing community. I am so lucky and thankful to have you all be apart of our store.  During these hard times, all local and small businesses need all the support.  Without our local and small businesses, our community wouldn't be the same. By having all these amazing businesses around us help strengthens our community by increasing more jobs and economic growth.
Now most people believe that supporting a small business deals with just spending and buying something. Although that helps all businesses, another way of supporting businesses is on social media. Below shows how you can support businesses without spending a dime.  Here at JM we love when you show us support and cheer us on. I am sure all small and local businesses would appreciate that too. Check it out below! 

See who would've thought you don't have to spend money to support our small businesses.  It's so easy to do too!  

Now some of my favs local businesses that I love supporting of Johnathan Michael's Boutique, The Fire Pit Wood Fire Grill, Cenacolo, Iceburgh's Bistro, Green Berry and more. Go check them out, you will not regret it. 

 Be sure to stop in and see our new fall arrivals. They will be hitting the website soon. 

Happy shopping 

xo, Megan

Megan Cifone